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Changes to L&I Stay at Work application process coming Sep. 15th

Helping your workers keep a workplace connection after an injury is a proven best practice that not only supports a workers’ recovery but helps your business control worker’s comp costs. 

L&I will be changing the application process to make it easier for you. This change also helps comply with the order of events for return-to-work practices as outlined in RCW 51.32.090.



What's changing and when?

Effective September 15, 2014:

1. You don’t need to send the following documents with the Stay at Work application if you know they already are in the claim file. Go to to check the file for the:  
- Activity Prescription Form(s).
- Health care provider’s written approval of your light-duty job description.

2. For dates worked on or after September 15, 2014, the first date the employer sent the job description to the provider is the first date that will be considered for reimbursement. 
- Employers can send us a copy of the fax cover sheet with date/time stamp to ensure dates worked after the fax date can be considered for reimbursement.
 - L&I is also updating the wage and expense reimbursement forms to make it easier for employers to report the first date the job description was sent to the provider for review and approval.
- Go to to download the new forms with the version date of 09-2014. The updated forms will be available on September 15, 2014.
- Please ask your employers to recycle all old forms.

A reminder:
The provider must approve the light-duty job before Stay at Work can reimburse the employer. If the provider reviews and disapproves the light-duty job description, the reimbursement will not be approved.

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