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How do you balance safety meetings, safety postings, safe work practices, and L&I compliance with the need to get the job done? Lean on us - we're here to help!



Washington state worker safety is a big challenge! 

Step one is to call the safety professionals at Approach. We’re on your team – looking out for the safety of your employees and well-being of your company – and every week, we’re out providing free, one-hour safety visits to companies around the state.


Yes, a free safety visit

It’s true. There is typically no fee for our services as it is a benefit for the 2,200+ companies that participate in an Approach-managed Washington state retro group. We also visit prospective clients on request whenever possible (also at no charge), so why not request a safety visit today?

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are experts in safety and health requirements. They’ll help you build a culture of safety that protects workers while getting the job done.

Our visits typically last about one hour and will involve a representative of your organization. We’ll make sure your Accident Prevention Plan (APP, or safety plan) meets or exceeds industry standards and answer any questions you may have. We can also conduct a Job Hazard Analysis, which is your second pair of eyes to help reduce and prevent accidents.

Contact us today to request a safety visit at your office or job site.


Inspection Assistance

Some of our safety services are reserved specifically for Approach clients and this is a big one - If L&I’s Division of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH) visits your organization and wants to conduct an inspection, contact our safety team immediately. We can assist your organization during the inspection.

Let the inspector know that you need to contact your authorized representatives, then immediately call your office and Approach, 800-626-0846. The inspector will wait up to one hour for representatives to arrive.

The DOSH compliance assistance provided by Approach goes from the start of the inspection all the way through the appeal process. Imagine how valuable that could be for your company!


Crisis-Management Assistance

Approach is also there for serious injuries with our 24-hour crisis response service. Call 800-626-0846 anytime and our crisis team will respond with the resources you need. When serious accidents happen, all thoughts are naturally with the injured person(s), but there are important regulatory steps that need immediate attention. Call Approach so we can help you navigate the situation while you focus on supporting the injured and their families.


Safety training and consultation

There’s even more that our safety professionals do each week on behalf of our clients:

  • Safety training
  • Creation of or adjustments to your Accident Prevention Plan(s) 
  • Accident response plan(s) – including emergency procedures, claim reporting procedures and critical documentation
  • DOT regulation compliance contacts 
  • Weekly Toolbox Talk safety meeting topic emails


We’ve been looking this month at all the services Approach provides to help lower your overall cost of workers’ comp. Claims management is a big piece of the puzzle, but the cheapest claim is the one that never gets filed. The Approach Safety Services team is here to help Washington employers improve workplace safety, so that accidents are less likely to occur in the first place. Contact us today for help with the items above or any other workplace safety question you have.

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