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Important Incident Reporting Updates

Important Fatality/Hospitalization/Amputation/Loss of Eye Reporting Information for Employers.



In Washington State, nearly all employers in Washington  must report to DOSH any potential, or actual worker deaths and every emergent worker in-patient hospitalization incident within 8 hours.  They can call 1-800-4BESAFE (1-800-423-7233) or contact any L&I DOSH office staff to meet this requirement.
Effective January 1, 2015, employers with additional worksites under Federal OSHA jurisdiction have additional rules for reporting of worker hospitalizations, loss of eye, and non-admitted amputations that are now in effect, and those employers have 24 hours to report to Federal OSHA.  This is in addition to the requirement of reporting a potential or actual worker death within 8 hours.
Since Washington’s current requirements must meet or exceed OSHA’s, we will be adopting changes this spring to add on reporting of the additional non-hospitalized losses of eye and non-hospitalized amputations.  They will also be reportable within 24 hours to meet OSHA’s minimum requirements.

Call 1-800-423-7233 or visit an L&I office to report any:

• Workplace death (that happens within 30 days of an incident)
• Workplace injury that is possibly fatal
• In-patient hospitalization related to the workplace (that happens within 30 days of an incident)

Employers are responsible to make sure reports are made within 8 hours of an incident, or within 8 hours of learning about it.

For more information and resources, see our Fatalities & Injuries web site.

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