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Preferred Worker Program - New and Improved!

The Preferred Worker Program has been recently transformed from a rarely used benefit to an incredibly valuable program employers should take advantage of. Unlike the prior program, employers can now bring back their own injured workers.



The program offers employers benefits, such as:

• 50% Wage Refund up to $10,000 in first 66 days
• Equipment & Tool Refund up to $2,500 in first 66 days
• Clothing Refund up to $400 in first 66 days
• New Claim Protection for up to 3 years
• Workers’ Comp Discount for up to 3 years

Plus, after employing a Preferred Worker for 12 continuous months, the employer becomes eligible for a “Continuous Employment” incentive of 10% of wages or $10,000 (whichever is less)!

Who gets certified as a Preferred Worker?
An injured worker may be certified as a Preferred Worker if he or she has an open claim which results in permanent restriction.

What does the Employer need to do to hire a Preferred Worker?
In order to qualify, an employer must offer a job which is approved by the worker’s medical provider and be accepted by the injured worker in writing. Learning more about the documentation requirements is advised in order to access the many benefits to workers and employers alike.

It’s a Win-Win!
The Preferred Worker Program answers the needs of so many in Washington State by providing major incentives for ongoing employment for injured workers whom otherwise were facing uncertain economic futures and assuring employers for 3 years that any new claim filed by that Preferred Worker will not be charged to their experience rating or retro group.

Approach Management Services has the expertise and specialists on staff to aid employers with the Preferred Worker Program. We complete the necessary forms and can assist in creating a new job description and the job offer letter. Contact your Approach Management Services Retro Coordinator today to guide you through this process.

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