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Important Information about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Common types of PPE include safety goggles, gloves, respirators, fall protection systems (full-body harnesses, lanyard, etc.), and hard hats. For more examples, see Table X in WAC 296-800-16020.
Employers are required to provide most PPE at no cost to their employees when such protection is needed to keep them safe from chemicals, falls, and other hazards. Replacement costs of lost or intentionally-damaged PPE may become the responsibility of the employee. General requirements for PPE can be found in WAC 296-800-160. Specific requirements and resources for various industries, activities, and hazards can be found on L&I’s PPE Topic page.



In addition to providing the right PPE, employers must ensure PPE fits their employees and is consistently used and maintained properly. Training is also required so employees know when and how to use and maintain PPE so it can provide the protection it was designed to deliver.
If you have questions about PPE, get free advice from your Safety or Risk Management Consultant at L&I.
To find training, online videos and other resources to help you strengthen your workplace safety programs, visit L&I's Workplace Safety web page.

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