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Potelco Inc – 2013 Lifesaving Award

Our current client, Potelco Inc is being honored at the 62nd Governor’s Safety and Health Conference. The conference honors men and women who took heroic action to provide critical aid when it was needed the most.



Sal Escamilla, Jr., Bob Carlsen, Travis Barrett, and Joe Lewis of Potelco will be honored with the 2013 Lifesaving Award. Last November, they were finishing their fiber optic cable wire pulls from the previous night. Sal and Joe were driving out of the substation when Travis called to say that the AED unit in their vehicle was needed a short distance away. When they arrived, a man was yelling for someone to help his coworker, who was slumped over the steering wheel of his vehicle, unresponsive. The crew got the man out of the vehicle and onto the ground and hooked him up to the AED. The AED unit determined that the victim needed a shock and administered a single shock. The man’s heart started beating again. Shortly after, paramedics arrived at the scene and took over. According to Bellevue Fire Department, Sal, Bob, Travis and Joe’s quick response and training made all the difference for this heart attack victim. Potelco Inc will also receive an award for making it possible for their employees to be lifesaving heroes when the need arose. Potelco employees work in a hazardous industry and many times their trucks are in remote areas where emergencies can arise. In those cases, immediate action is necessary, sometimes going beyond first aid and CPR. That’s why Potelco requires every truck to be equipped with an AED unit and the drivers trained to use it. The company’s vision and commitment to safety helped save the life of one of its own employees this year. Congratulations Potelco!
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